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IMPaCT Trial

Individualised Molecular Pancreatic Cancer Therapy (IMPaCT) is a new clinical trial looking at individualising the treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

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Familial Cancer Cohort

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November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

The month of November is dedicated to bringing pancreatic cancer into focus through awareness and keeping hope alive for those living with or touched by this disease.

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2014 APGI Symposium Presentations

Available presentations from the 2014 APGI Symposium have now been uploaded.

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2013 Research Update

APGI's 2013 Research Update includes our current ICGC progress from a collection and genomic standpoint, numbers of data components that have been generated, a summary of projects underway as well as publication highlights.

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2013 Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Launch at Parliament House Sydney

The Hon Jillian Skinner, NSW Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research joined APGI researchers, Garvan Institute of Medical Research colleagues, pancreatic cancer patients and their family members at Parliament House in Sydney recently to officially launch the month of November 2013 as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. At the conclusion of the formal proceedings a large cake in the shape of a purple ribbon was cut and guests enjoyed the opportunity to chat with one another over morning tea. We have heard some truly moving and extraordinary stories over the months from patients and their carers, one in particular we would like to share with you here. From Erica, who warmly addressed the Minister and audience at last week’s Parliament House event with an insightful speech on her roller coaster journey.

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Mutational Signatures of Cancer Identified

An international collaboration looking at the 30 most common cancer types and the mutational process that drives tumour development has resulted in a major cancer discovery.

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Put Your Foot Down Sydney: Another Success

Thanks to all the people who put their foot down for pancreatic cancer at Palm Beach on Sunday! The Avner's Fund Sydney Put Your Foot Down Walk was a great success in raising awareness, funds and moral for pancreatic cancer.

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Lizzy's Heroes' City2Surf

Thanks to Lizzy's Heroes' who are fundraising for pancreatic cancer and running the Sun-Herald City2Surf

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News from the 2013 APGI Symposium

The 4th Annual APGI Meeting was held on Saturday 11 May 2013 and we were truly delighted that so many of you were able to attend. It was a very successful meeting with approximately 150 Registrants and the feedback we have received has been extremely positive, not only from the scientists and medical health professionals that were present, but equally important from our community members, their families and friends.

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Parliament House Event

MPs and Senators marked the conclusion of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month with an Awareness barbecue hosted by Hon Malcolm Turnbull. Professor Andrew Biankin showcased the APGI's recent research findings and the impact this will have on cancer treatment.

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Inaugural Pancreatic Cancer Forum Success

The inaugural Pancreatic Cancer Forum was the first of its kind in Australia, bringing together researchers, clinicians and families affected by pancreatic cancer.

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Team Phil's Melbourne Marathon Success

Team Phil's effort in the Melbourne Marathon has now raised over $100, 000 for APGI's pancreatic cancer research! This year even more Team Phil members competed to beat pancreatic cancer, raising funds and awareness for this devastating disease.

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Unmasking the Deadly Secrets of Pancreatic Cancer

"Pancreatic cancer is not one disease, but many, and suggests that people who seemingly have the same cancer might need to be treated differently" said Professor Andrew Biankin as he discussed the APGI's findings published in Nature. This is set to change the face of treatment, moving towards the vision of personalised medicine which matches the right treatment to the right individual.

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APGI Researchers Recognised

Congratulations to Marina Pajic and Andreia Pinho for recently being recognised for research into pancreatic cancer.

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APGI Researchers Win Award for Outstanding Cancer Research

APGI researchers at the Garvan Institute were awarded the Cancer Institute NSW Inaugural Wildfire Award 2012. This prestigious award recognises research which has had a lasting impact on the cancer field.

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November: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is International Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Please join us in raising much needed awareness for this devastating disease. You can participate in one of our scheduled events, arrange your own or simply make a donation. Everything helps!

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AACR Pancreatic Cancer: Progress and Challenges

The American Association for Cancer Research held a special conference on Pancreatic Cancer: Progress and Challenges, bringing together world renowned researchers in the discussion on how to diagnose and treat this devastating disease.

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"Jumping gene" called sleeping beauty reveals new hope in understanding Pancreatic Cancer

The APGI contributed to this study and co-authors this Nature Publication. We’re now seeing some real movement in the field of pancreatic cancer research, and the APGI has been at the heart of much of this work.

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Blaire, Wade & Karlena will Trek4Treatment to raise awareness and much needed funding for pancreatic cancer research in memory of their father and friend, Lee Sayers.

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APGI Sequencing Effort Presented at International Meeting

Sean Grimmond presents at sequencing seminar during Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting.

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ABC RadioNational: Life Matters Interview

Professor Andrew Biankin and Professor Sean Grimmond spoke with Life Matters host Natasha Mitchell about Genomic Research and Personalised Medicine in Pancreatic Cancer.

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