November is recognised as World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month where we take time to raise awareness of the disease. The theme for this year is ‘Hello Pancreas’, an engaging way of helping people to become more aware of the pancreas organ, it’s function in the body and what happens when it is compromised.

Early signs of pancreatic cancer are difficult to detect and can be confused with other issues, leading to a later diagnosis at a more advanced stage. Current treatment options are limited and survival rates low. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to be aware of the risks and symptoms of pancreatic disease, helping to contribute to early detection and treatment leading to improved patient outcomes.

November 16th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, help to raise awareness for the signs and symptoms of the disease, know the risks, know your family history. Knowledge is one of the best tools to help detect pancreatic cancer and improve survival rates.

Further information can be found on the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation website.