The APGI is committed to providing fair and equitable access to its vast range of Biospecimens and Clinical Data. However, the APGI is a valuable and finite resource. Significant time and cost has been invested in obtaining, processing and managing the high-quality samples and annotating with extensive data. Additional costs are incurred with assessment of each individual BioResource Application and subsequent preparation of biospecimens and/or clinical data.

As of June 2017 our Cost Recovery Schedule has been reviewed and as a result of this prices have increased on several of our items. We endeavor to keep the costs as low as possible to ensure the resource is available as broadly as possible. Nevertheless, price increases were necessary on key biospecimens commodities and clinical data collection costs. Despite the cost recovery schedule the APGI only charges a very small portion of what it costs to actually keep the BioResource running across such a vast resource of specimens and data.

Our updated Cost Recovery Schedule can be found on our BioResource Pages here.

Any questions please email Amber Johns