Tanya Dwarte, Associate Genetic Counsellor and Clinical Research Coordinator at the APGI will give a presentation about Genetics and Pancreatic cancer.

This webinar will highlight the current understanding of sporadic and inherited forms of pancreatic cancer and provide an overview of inherited cancer syndromes and the associated pancreatic cancer risks.

Information about the process of a genetics assessment, including consideration of genetic testing for pancreatic cancer patients or for those with a family history of the disease will be addressed.

Register now to hear Tanya speak on 11th February 2021.


  • Inherited cancer syndromes and associated pancreatic cancer risk
  • Process of genetic assessment and consideration of genetic testing for pancreatic cancer patients and those with family history
  • Potential benefits and limitations or harms of genetic testing
  • Australian Pancreatic Cancer Screening Program, a trial for people at higher risk of pancreatic cancer

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