APGI BioResource Project Summary 2020


2020 has been a difficult year for everyone around the world. Our thoughts are with those who have suffered physically and emotionally this year.

Despite the challenges here at the APGI we have maintained our commitment to supporting Pancreatic Cancer research and have continued to progress our programs of work and access through our Bioresource. Through the BioResource and collaborative projects we have supported a number of key projects in 2020, such as those focusing on:

  • Biomarkers of treatment response
  • Developing an atlas of protein structures
  • Mapping and targeting the extracellular matrix in pancreatic cancer
  • Identifying tumour vulnerabilities associated with a recently recognised genomic mutional pattern (abundance of short interstitial deletions)
  • Validating factors in blood vessel formation process in order to identify novel targets that may be therapeutically targeted in pancreatic cancer.

As part pf these projects we have distributed: 

  • 175 Tissue Micro Arrays
  • 2 Patient derived cell lines
  • 132 Fresh frozen samples

Furthermore, around 95 number of clinical data points have been distributed to projects accompanying samples to allow researchers to link patient outcomes with their scientific questions.

These valuable resources wouldn’t have been made possible without the consent and involvement of our patients, and the commitment of our clinical teams who support our research. We want to thank everyone who has kindly donated their samples, data and time to pancreatic cancer research.

As the festive season is upon us, the APGI will be closed from the 22nd  December, and we will be back on 11th January. We wish for a healthier and happier 2021 globally and we look forward to accelerating our research further next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the APGI.