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BioResource Request Form

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  • Instructions to applicants

    This form has five sections (A-E). Section A, B and E are compulsory and must be completed in full. Sections B and C may be completed depending on your application needs. Some of the BioSpecimens and data are restricted as per terms of ethical approval. Please ensure you consult and familiarise yourself with the BioSpecimen and Data Access Policy and guidelines on the website: www.pancreaticcancer.net.au/research/the-apgi-bioresource/Accessing-APGI-Bioresource. At the end of this form indicate whether you agree to be bound by this policy and the Controlled Data Requirements. Upon completion, please email your paperwork (PDF format), including your supporting documents such as ethics approval, to research@pancreaticcancer.net.au. Please include a short summary of your request in the email body text.